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Jeremy’s Brushworks Inc provides a wide array of interior and exterior services.


  • Power Washing[+]
    • We power wash all houses prior to paint being applied. If necessary, a mild bleach solution is applied to kill any mildew, algae, and moss. Dirt build up and peeling paint is removed prior to the painting process commencing.

    • We power wash decks, fences, walkways, driveways, and brick as well.
  • Exterior Painting (New construction)[+]
    Jeremy’s Brushworks Inc. has been painting new construction and remodeled homes for nearly 20 years. Builders can take pride in bringing us on as one of your subcontractors. We are reliable, committed to quality, and trustworthy.
  • Exterior Repaints (Homeowners)[+]
    Jeremy’s Brushworks Inc. specializes in exterior repaints. You can trust your home to us. We will restore your home to its original luster. Peeling paint is handled according to local and EPA standards. Cracked out exterior substrates will be repaired properly. Final application of paint coating is applied with high tech machinery, quality paint, and years of expertise.


  • Interior Painting (New Construction)[+]
    High quality is what we achieve in the new construction home. We specialize in millpacks, stain and lacquering, and sound process all around. We take pride in our work and will make your new construction home stand out among the others.
  • Interior Painting (Repaints)[+]
    Interior painting can sometimes be quite overwhelming for you, the homeowner. We assure a low stress painting process. We take special care in working around your important furniture, existing substrates, and your loved ones. Communication and quality are of high importance for Jeremy’s Brushworks Inc. You can have peace of mind as we work inside your home.